Foi Thong

Foi Thong Thai Desserts  


• Yolks from 10 duck's eggs and 5 hen's eggs 
• 3 cups of sugar • 2 cups of water scented with jasmine 
• 1 piece of thin white cloth for filtering 

Method How to cook 

1. Put all the yolk on a piece of thin white cloth, fold it up, and squeeze the cloth to filter the yolk through it. 2. To make syrup, boil sugar in water scented with jasmine in a pot. When all the sugar dissolves, take the water to be filtered before continuing stewing it until bubbles appear all over the surface.
3. Pour the yolk through a narrow funnel which is placed over the pot of syrup so that the yolk will become golden threads in the syrup.
4. Use a long pointed piece of wood to stir the golden threads in the syrup until they become smooth. Then remove them from heat and wrap them around themselves so that they form the shape of a rectangle.

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