Most Popular Thai Mangoes

Most Popular Mangoes Thai

The mango, known as mamuang in Thai, is one of Thailand's premier tropical fruits, and Thailand produces some of the most delicious mangoes in the world.

 Thai mangoes can be eat mainly 2 categories are :

 1. Green Mangoes : These are those whose fruits are ready to be harvested and consumed when they are still green and have unique nutty taste, with little or no sour taste. They may be mature but not yet softened. Some cultivars may be eaten when they are half – ripe. In fact, the tendency to eat mango at the half – ripe stage is increasing even among foreigners. This group of mangoes is unique to Thailand since none exists in other countries. Important cultivars of this category are : ‘ Reat’ and ‘Nong Saeng’.

 2. Ripe Mangoes : These are those whose fruits are ready for harvest – ing when they are fully mature and ready for consumption when they are ripe. The most popular Nam Dok Mai Si Thong Shape : ovate with sharp pointed tip Color : golden yellow skin, deep yellow flesh when ripe Taste : sweet and scented Weight : 280 – 300 g They are sour in taste when still green but turn sweet with characteristic aroma and flovor when ripe. We call Nam Dok Mai Si Thong is the Queen Of Mangoes in Thailand good taste beautiful in shape

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